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2020 is the decade of renewable energy

betteries believes 2020 will be the decade for renewable energy

Looking back at the past decade, we can clearly see two major transitions: 1) electric vehicles have taken the leap from a niche product with restricted daily use to a desirable mode of transportation; and 2) renewables have outperformed any fossil fuel source in price and, of course, in footprint. Both transitions have been enabled by a major step-up in energy storage technology. The team at betteries is very excited to build on the transition through this next decade, where the global adoption of renewable energy will be accelerated through more affordable energy storage solutions that embrace circular economy principles to ensure recycling.   

At betteries, we are giving the upcoming wave of obsolete EV batteries a second life by upcycling them into mobile storage solutions designed for demanding markets. To enable greater affordability for our customers, our business model offers battery-as-a-service solution. 

Following our trip to Bangalore, India at the end of 2019, we are even more convinced that betteries can serve a variety of needs in this market from swappable e-rickshaw power to e-bike charging stations.  We look forward to our visit to Nairobi, Kenya next month to find partners to bring betteries to Africa to better serve both on and off-grid needs for affordable power.  In Europe we are excited to continuing our activity in the POCITYF H2020, smart city project in Evora, Portugal and our support from the Climate KIC accelerator program in Berlin.  We will also be piloting our battery-as-a-service offering in Germany this spring supporting a variety of different customers with our betteries lease pool.   

All the best for 2020 from the betteries team – let’s make this the decade of affordable, clean and reliable energy for everyone! 

Virginia Taborda
Virginia Taborda