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eRickshaw hotswapping

betteries power e-rickshaws and can be swapped in less than 15 seconds

We achieved three major milestone this week:

  1. We successful powered an e-rickshaw in our lab and then took turns driving around the grounds of our office in Berlin.
  2. We demonstrated the truly mobile nature of betteries, swapping two systems in less than 15 seconds – while our founder was still sitting in the driver’s seat!
  3. We filmed our team driving and swapping, so we could show the vast flexibility of our power systems.

What looks seemingly easy demonstrates the hotswap capability of our system. One battery module can be exchanged for another and is immediately recognized by the betteries system as a power source. This can be leveraged to extend the range of a rickshaw and keep it on the road for longer. The battery can be recharged at the swapping station in the meantime.

See for yourself

The mobile, modular and multipurpose nature of betteries makes it ideal for energy storage in e-rickshaws.  betteries powered e-rickshaws can save 14.2 tones of CO2 emissions over their lifetime versus diesel powered alternatives.

The betteries team will soon travel to Bangalore to participate in the Power2Drive event.   There are over 1.5m e-rickshaws in India and the popularity of three wheeled vehicles continues to grow across SEA and Africa.

Virginia Taborda
Virginia Taborda