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More than a battery, betteries is a mobile, modular and multipurpose power system. With innovative technology based on upcycling used EV batteries, we bring affordable and capable energy storage to enable the transition to renewables.

Each betteries system can store up to 12 kWh of energy and offers fast charging capability. It can flexibly deliver up to 5 kW of electric AC as well DC power. Robust and waterproof, betteries can be used at home, at work and even power the journey in-between. Our business model implements circular economy principles and significantly lowers affordability hurdles.

betteries, an impact business headquartered in Berlin, Germany, combines deep technology and frontier market know-how. We re-purpose used EV batteries to enable affordable energy access and are well placed to deliver scalable CO2 and scarce resource savings.

Open positions

Development engineer – power electronics and PCB design (d/f/m)


Please send an email with your application to For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.