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Launch of brand-new mobile betteries App in beta program

19 October 2023
betteries, a pioneer in upcycling batteries from electric vehicles, is thrilled to announce the commencement of the beta testing phase of the betteries app.

betteries Connect – a scalable IoT cloud

Right from the start, betteries power systems have been designed as connected devices. Detailed usage data can enhance the end-users experience and improve the daily operational value. Therefore, the betteries Connect cloud has been architected as a scalable cloud platform that delivers two digital service pillars: device monitoring and asset management. While device monitoring supports individual end users with relevant insights about their system’s operation, asset management supports fleet operators for optimal usage of all components.

Already today, fleet operators benefit from these services, e.g. by receiving project reports in battery usage, total energy provided, CO2 avoidance as well as remote technical support.

Introducing the betteries App

The new betteries App is now available on Apple’s AppStore (iOS) and Google’s PlayStore (Android), but requires a betteries Cloud account. We are excited to offer this to select customers as a beta program and are looking forward to finalize the product based on their feedback. If you own betteries products and would like to participate, please contact us.

How the betteries App works

This app launch marks a significant milestone. Product operators can now get real-time information on their connected devices. The app offers detailed live data from any number of connected devices and offers details on each system component. This includes charge and discharge power, remaining time to empty or to full charge state, state of charge for the betterPacks and many other useful data points.

Users can also apply pending firmware updates to their devices. They can also configure their devices to connect to a local Wifi network for maximum device data or use the built-in GSM if no local WiFi is available. In any case, all devices always perform their full functionality independent of any connectivity.


Looking ahead

The betteries team is already working on additional functionality that will include chart display of historic system data, CO2 avoidance calculations, and full support for all product types. 

Together with their beta customers betteries wants to further enhance the innovative app, in order to deliver on its connectivity strategy and promise to deliver meaningful insights, enabling customers to take informed actions.

About betteries:

betteries AMPS GmbH was founded in 2018 with the goal of fighting climate change and bringing clean energy to people in need. With every fuel-based generator or propulsion system that is replaced, the circular economy is boosted.



About the Development Team of the app:  

betteries was looking for a co-development partner who could help them to create a cross-platform mobile app that would give end users the ability to control all power devices on a mobile phone. built such an app for betteries, going through all the stages of creating the app, from design to market launch.


About HBM: is a boutique tech partner offering end-to-end services related to software development, product management, cloud management, testing as a service, product marketing, etc. They help startups and established businesses to create modern and robust solutions in predictable manner, co-innovating along the way. HBM allows business to balance all three dimensions – quality, speed and cost, owing to their framework of the best organizational and delivery practices. And the last but not least, HBM (Humans Behind the Machines) really stand for human-based and partnership relationships.