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Our mission.

Upcycling all electric vehicle batteries into affordable power systems to avert climate change and protect valuable resources.

How it works.

Providing sustainable alternatives to fuel-based generators and propulsion systems mitigates climate change, creates economic opportunity and improves quality of life.  The impact is cumulative: With each fuel-based generator or propulsion system replaced, we boost the circular economy by providing valuable 2nd life applications for EV batteries whilst replacing carbon intensive technologies.

Replacing Gensets

1 betterGen =
10 tons of CO2 avoidance

Air pollution from Tuk Tuk

Powering e-Mobility

1 betterDrive =
14 tons of CO2 avoidance

Old diesel generator

Optimizing mini grids

Storing solar power in our
betterStore replaces generators.

Supporting SDGs.






Impact needs to scale in lock step with each unit deployed. Every betterPack using 2nd life batteries replacing a fossil fuel option directly delivers positive impact. 


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-07

Expanding infrastructure and upgrading technology to provide clean and more efficient energy in all countries will encourage growth and help the environment.

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