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The non-profit organization Life Bridge Ukraine gGmbH has set itself the goal of supporting the city administration of Kyiv in building the first municipal prosthesis center. As betteries is committed to bringing clean and reliable energy to where it is needed most, we are keen to be a part of the “Prosthesis Center Berlin-Kyiv” project. 

The need for a municipal prosthesis center

Ukraine has been under constant attack from Russia since the beginning of the war. Across Ukraine, the number of amputation injured soldiers and children since the start of the war is estimated according to Life Bridge Ukraine gGmbH at between 10,000 and 50,000.

Parts of the civilian and medical infrastructure in the south and east of the country have been destroyed, further straining medical services. There are far too few prosthetists in Ukraine to provide prostheses for all the amputation-injured soldiers and children. Furthermore, there are only a few small prosthetic workshops in Kyiv and no municipal prosthetic center yet.

Project Overview

The project is being coordinated by the Berlin-based NGO Life Bridge Ukraine gGmbH, which has been working closely with the city administration of Kyiv since the beginning of the war.  The prosthesis center is part of the city partnership established in September

The project includes not only the establishment of the prosthesis center and the necessary machine equipment but also the training of Ukrainian prosthesis technicians in Berlin
The project aims to ensure that the amputation injured soldiers and children can be fitted with good prostheses locally in Kyiv without having to travel to Germany.

The prosthesis center is to be set up and built in the underground rooms of a Kyiv Municipal Hospital and should continue to function even in the event of a power attack on Kyiv’s energy infrastructure. For this backup power purpose, we at betteries are providing our emission-free power system solutions. 

How you can support

Would you like to support this project and help injured soldiers and children to get a suitable prosthesis?

Our goal is to raise € 100,000. This money will be used to pay for the treatment of the first group of children and soldiers with amputation injuries (approx. 60 people) in the Berlin partner workshops.
Additionally, the money will be used to finance mobile and sustainable energy solutions, which will provide emergency power for the orthopedic devices used to manufacture the prostheses in the prosthesis workshop in Kyiv at all times in the event of an attack on the infrastructure.

You can donate your desired amount here:

Every amount makes a difference!

Any questions?

Contact us at or call us at +49 30 7543 87440.


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