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A True System Solution.

  • Mobile
    “Click and go” solution  with no cabling, weighing less than 35kg
  • Modular
    Stacking of up to 4 battery modules for 12+ kWh
  • Multipurpose
    Customized application module with bi-directional inverter (AC & DC)
  • Optimized battery life
    Innovative, active balancing BMS optimized for 2nd life cells
  • Robust & waterproof
    Marinized (IP67) casing
  • Connected
    GPS plus Wi-fi and GMS connectivity, over the air updates

Flexible & mobile configuration.

AC & DC Charging & Power Output

Application Module

Energy Storage

1-4 Battery Modules (BM)

DC Applications Power Output

Connect Module (CM)

A Lego-like System.

Designed for Demanding Markets.


Grid backup power for micro enterprises

  • Providing micro enterprises with mobile battery and inverter systems offers a healthy and silent, reliable and often cheaper option.


Electric tricycles for African women

  • Tough sturdy renewable energy charged electric tricycles provide an avenue for communities to overcome these distances and better create local economies and social, educational and health barriers can be reduced.


Electric propulsion for African fishermen

  • Rugged solar charged electric boat propulsion systems offer the fishermen the opportunity to save significant cost, provide more operational safety and do not pollute the environment.


Mobile power service for mini grids

  • Adding as a new service the distribution of mobile power & appliances for off-grid areas to the mini grid portfolio significantly increase customer reach, power turnover and quality of life for the community.


Mobile power services for refugee camps

  • Modular and mobile batteries charged either by a central renewable energy power station or by distributed small PV systems within the camp, are a fast, healthy and cost effective way to provide the Refugee tents with power for lighting and productive use.


Power on land and sea for cabins & lodges

  • Integrating the modular and mobile battery system in the domestic PV system gives the owner the option to take the full battery with him to power his cabin and / or small boat. The high value battery can be shared across multiple applications.