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UA2P – Ukraine to Power
Updated: 26 April 2023
The initiative

When betteries AMPS GmbH was founded in 2018, it was a matter of the heart. We wanted to do our part to address climate change and to bring clean energy to those in need.

In this spirit, we are very happy to announce a new collaboration with WE AID gGmbH. With the initiative ‘UA2P – Ukraine to Power’ you get the opportunity to sponsor energy projects, that include betteries sustainable mobile power systems, to bring back energy to affected municipalities and strong points in Ukraine.

Attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure as well as the shutdown of four nuclear power plants at the end of November 2022, have left millions of people without access to electricity, water, and heat.

The project aims to operate a decentralized power supply at neuralgic points of critical, civilian infrastructure in Ukraine as directly and quickly as possible. With the help of the WE AID gGmbH we decided to focus on rural regions, as well as small and medium-sized towns, which accordingly have the greatest need as they haven’t received any aid so far.

Achievements to date

The first systems were already delivered to the hospital of Nethyschyn at the end of 2022. Thanks to the great support from goodstories Medienproduktion, you can watch a video summary of the 1st delivery here.

With the batteries provided, the hospital of Nethyschyn was able to bring back the hospital emergency unit, the reanimation unit, the maternity ward, and baby incubators to 100% capacity. Without the betteries, the hospital only had an old diesel generator backup, which covered 30% capacity.

Until today, we already successfully delivered 34 betterPacks to 5 different strong points in Ukraine (hospitals, kindergartens and schools).

Future outlook

The teams did not stop here though. With ongoing fundraising efforts and donations received, we are working on delivering and implementing more systems across Ukraine.

The next 75 betterPacks will be delivered at the end of April to different strong points across the country.


About WE AID gGmbH:

WE AID offers a professional, non-profit organizational structure on a temporary basis, enabling private initiatives to implement their charitable commitment within a few days. WE AID enables people and companies who want to get socially involved in acute crisis situations, such as currently in the wake of the Russian attack on Ukraine, to do just that: offering a legally secure framework to get started immediately.


UA2P – Funding project overview:

About betteries:

betteries upcycles 2nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and is well positioned to deliver scalable CO2 savings and protect scarce battery resources. The business model embraces the principles of a circular economy (reduce / reuse / repair / recycle).