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betteries wins UNIDO Global Call 2021

When UNIDO launched their Global Call 2021 for innovative solutions in cleantech and sustainable land management ( earlier this year, it was immediately clear that betteries would apply. Here is why:

Mission alignment

Dr. Rainer Hönig founded betteries in 2018 with the desire to create a social business, aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals Framework, focused especially on delivering measurable and sizable impact on SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy and SDG 13 – Climate Action.

The betteries team early on realized that mobile battery storage would play a key role in the transition to a world of renewables. As it quickly became clear that 1st life batteries would be too expansive for developing countries though, this led to the idea of using electric vehicle batteries.

Creating local value add

Upcycling used electric vehicle batteries is truly a win-win in the global fight to avert climate change. Giving these batteries a 2nd productive life, does not only reduce the CO2 footprint of an electric vehicle by up to 22% as the battery production is so energy intensive. The 2nd life power systems developed by the betteries team can bring affordable and clean energy to people living off-grid, who are suffering from energy poverty or rely on dirty fuel-based generators.

But this is not just about shipping batteries from Europe to developing countries or countries in transition – it is about creating local value add. Whilst betteries first remanufacturing side is in Europe, future remanufacturing sides will be in regions where the customers sit. This means that the final assembly, product support and even some steps of the recycling process can take place in the same region, recreating many new jobs. So mobile energy for productive use not only helps small local businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers and many others to generate more income, but it also delivers sizable impact on SDG 7 and SDG 13.

Winning the UNIDO Global Call 2021

Winning the Global Call 2021 in the category Clean and Efficient Energy Generation and Storage truly means a lot to the betteries team. Fighting climate change and energy poverty is global team play, requiring stakeholders from science, industry and policy makers seamlessly working together. The UNIDO Global Call networking event and award ceremony were therefore an ideal opportunity to learn more about other innovative solutions and to create new ideas and opportunities for cooperation. Now it is time to take it the next level.

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