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betteries completes certification of its 2nd life battery – the betterPack

Berlin-based profit for impact startup betteries has completed certification (CE, UN and IEC) of its 48V and 2.3 kWh mobile, modular, multi-purpose and connected 2nd life battery, based on upcycled modules from electric vehicle (EV) batteries.  

After an 18 months development and validation program, betteries is now able to offer customers the most sustainable mobile battery. The betterPack can be stacked to provide 2.3 – 9.2kWh energy and
2 – 5kW power, making it a sustainable source of power for DC appliances or small electric vehicles (think boats and last-mile delivery vehicles). Combined with a mobile inverter – the betterGen – it becomes the ideal replacement for millions of small-scale fuel-based generators.

By giving the EV battery a 2nd productive life, the CO2 footprint of an electric vehicle can be reduced by more than 30% over its life cycle, as the “already spent” CO2 emissions for the battery manufacturing can be shared over a much longer battery life. In addition, this also reduces mineral extraction thereby preventing the further depletion of the Earth’s minerals and avoiding energy- and emission-intensive material processing.

betteries went even further though, fully embracing the principles of the circular economy: reduce – reuse – recycle. The team developed a battery design that can easily be repaired and at the end of its productive life get dismantled, such that valuable components and materials can be separated and either reused or recycled. This made the design and certification process even more challenging as standard technologies like podding, commonly used by other battery manufacturers, were deliberately avoided.

Dr. Rainer Hönig, CEO and founder of betteries, said:   

“From the very beginning, our goal was to develop a truly sustainable, mobile power system based on upcycled 2nd-life battery modules that provides our customers maximum flexibility of use.  It opens up completely new fields of application for 2nd life batteries for our automotive partners, far beyond the already existing stationary storage for industrial applications.”

About betteries

betteries upcycles 2nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and is well positioned to deliver scalable CO2 savings and protect scarce battery resources. The business model embraces circular economy principles by ensuring recycling at the end of the 2nd life and significantly lowers cost for customers through the battery-as-a-service offering.