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Earth Day 2023

Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. You may be wondering what exactly Earth Day is, why we celebrate it, and when it all started.

So let’s start with some facts:

Every Earth Day, stakeholders with different kinds of backgrounds come together to advance climate action and sustainability, to raise awareness about environmental issues, and to honor achievements of the environmental movement. The purpose of Earth Day is to fight together for a sustainable and equitable future for our planet by calling for bold, creative, and innovative solutions.

The first Earth Day ever was celebrated back in 1970.



The specific theme for this year’s Earth Day is: “Invest In Our Planet”. This motto already emphasizes how important it is that we collectively invest our time, resources, and energy in our planet.

“When we Invest in Our Planet together, we are supporting healthy, happy, and wealthy communities worldwide.” (EARTHDAY.ORG, 2023)


The importance of communities

At betteries, we too strive to support healthy, happy, and prosperous communities around the world. It is not only our responsibility, but also our passion to bring clean energy to those in need.

We really appreciate the trust of our collaboration and project partners, who are enabling us to provide clean and sustainable energy where it is needed the most, whilst addressing climate change at the same time through deploying products of the circular economy.


How we support communities

We would like to present some of our projects supporting healthy, happy, and prosperous communities around the world.

UA2P – Ukraine to Power

Together with Dr. Thomas Gnefkow and Andrii Gladky, supported by the NGO WE AID gGmbH, we launched the private initiative UA2P – Ukraine to Power.

The UA2P project aims to provide and operate a decentralized power supply as quickly and directly as possible at neuralgic points of critical, civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. The focus is on rural regions, small and medium-sized towns, which have hardly received any aid so far and accordingly have the greatest need.

  • 34 betterPacks delivered so far
  • 5 strong points (hospitals, kindergartens and schools) supported
  • 75 more betterPacks delivered at the end of April


Zambia – The Go Green Energy Project

The Go Green Energy Project was developed by the local team from SOS children`s village Zambia and betteries. It aims at creating an integrated & cost-effective, sustainable energy system that benefits and grows the business of the people of Mabwa community in the Kazungula district of the Southern Province in Zambia. 

It focuses on supporting the already existing nature-based ecosystem of economic ventures such as beekeeping, integrated garden farming systems and the local cottage industry. 

  • 10 betterPacks
  • 2 green electric generators
  • 1 Tuk-tuk
  • Hardware and installation of solar-charging system
  • Technical expertise and mentorship provided to ensure long-term sustainability

Belize – Solar-powered mini-grid 

betteries has been chosen by Zenna AG to provide its swappable betterPacks to extend the reach of its solar-powered electric mini-grid without the need to lay new powerlines in this Smart Battery-Grid project. E-pickups will be used for the delivery service to the remote households. When empty – typically after two days – the betterPacks are again swapped with full once – a simple, environmental friendly and cost effective solution!

  • 15 betterPacks
© Zenna AG

We look forward to continuing to give our all to support communities and combat climate change in the future.