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Eatron and betteries have closed a strategic partnership

17 April 2024

Eatron, a company developing an AI-powered battery management software platform, and betteries, a pioneer in the field of 2nd-life EV batteries, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership based on the synergies between the two companies. The final aim is to strengthen the knowledge on 2nd-life batteries and unlock their full potential with AI-powered battery management & analytics.

Transforming data into valuable insights

betteries’ mobile power solutions, based on 2nd-life batteries, are IoT devices that constantly send battery data to the betteries’ propriety cloud. The large set of field data already collected by betteries today represents a unique asset, considering the scarcity of 2nd-life field battery data.

Leveraging advanced algorithms developed by Eatron, based on a combination of AI and physics inspired models, will enable an accurate estimation of battery remaining useful life (RUL). This is the key parameter to understand and thus minimize battery degradation and extend battery lifetime.

This strategic partnership aims to increase the understanding and scientific know-how on second-life battery degradation mechanisms and create the basis for optimal circular business models, boosting the sustainability of the battery value chain.