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Product launch: The betteries DC Dock 2000

DC Dock 2000

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Berlin-based impact start-up betteries AMPS GmbH is excited to announce the launch and commencement of sales of its latest addition to the betteries SUNRISE product family: The DC Dock 2000 – a DC DC converter.

Technical Features

The DC Dock 2000 is a DC-DC converter and works seamlessly with the mobile and modular betterPacks, which are made of up-cycled batteries from electric vehicles. The DC Dock 2000 is ideally suited to power large DC appliances that require regulated 24 V or 48 V input e.g., professional LED panels like the CREAMSOURCE Vortex or ARRI SkyPanel.

With a maximum output of 1344 W at 48 V DC and 672 W at 24 V DC, the DC Dock 2000 is not only the most powerful DC power source available on the market, but also the most efficient equipment to power LEDs as unnecessary conversion losses from DC to AC to DC are avoided and the full capacity of a battery can be used. And all this happens in absolute silence, as the DC Dock does not require any fan for cooling.

Thanks to its modular design betterPacks can be stacked and the available capacity can be increased from 2.3 kWh for a single betterPack up to 6.9 kWh with three betterPacks in one stack – more than enough energy for a full workday at the set.

Sustainability and closing the loop for the circular economy

Using upcycled batteries instead of using new ones offers an additional benefit as unnecessary CO2 emissions for the energy intensive production of Li-Ion batteries are avoided – fully in line with the principles of a circular economy.

Another distinct feature is that all systems are connected to the betteries propriety cloud, enabling remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, effective fleet management for rental companies and calculating how much CO2 has been avoided compared to the use of fuel-based generators. Starting this summer, customers will also be able to connect their devices directly to the betteries App to monitor their appliances and explore statistical information about their device usage.

Designed in Berlin and manufactured in France, the betterPack in combination with the DC Dock 2000 is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution on the market, ideal for greening the film and lighting industry.

For more in-depth technical information, review the technical data sheets here:

About betteries 

betteries upcycles 2nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and is well positioned to deliver scalable CO2 savings and protect scarce battery resources. By giving the EV battery a 2nd productive life, the CO2 footprint of an electric vehicle can be reduced by more than 30% over its life cycle, as the “already spent” CO2 emissions for the battery manufacturing can be shared over a much longer battery life.

In addition, this also reduces mineral extraction thereby preventing the further depletion of the Earth’s minerals and avoiding energy- and emission-intensive material processing. 

The team fully embraces the principles of a circular economy: reduce – reuse – repair – recycle.  For this, it developed a battery design that can easily be repaired and dismantled at the end of its productive life, such that valuable components and materials can be separated and either reused or recycled.

Contact information:

Annika Hoenig,