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betteries secures industrial partnership with Mobilize

Upcycling in a circular economy

To significantly contribute to climate change mitigation and bring affordable and clean power to as many customers as possible, betteries has taken the next step by signing an industrial partnership agreement with Mobilize to establish the first of a series of betteries’ Remanufacturing Centers at Renault Group’s Re-Factory in Flins, France. Flins factory will handle the entire battery upcycling process including final assembly of betteries’ mobile, modular and multi-purpose energy system made up of 2nd life battery modules from Renault electric vehicles.

Easily transportable, this innovative system is composed of 1 to 4 betterPacks of 2.3kWh and can therefore reach a total capacity of 9.2 kWh, equivalent to the average consumption of a household over a day. It offers the advantage of being zero emission, silent, and prefigures the energy transition, away from small-scale gas or diesel generators to clean, mobile power systems. The usages and applications of this system are multiple when the connection to the electrical network is impossible: construction sites, food trucks, solar energy storage, filming & events, or even on board of small electric boats.

Customers will be able to benefit from different product offerings based on betteries innovative AC and DC system components as well as the full life cycle support “Battery-as-a-Service” in alignment with betteries’ circular economy model. Overall total costs will provide 15-65% saving potential in comparison to traditional fuel-based solutions and can also create significant amounts of carbon offset credits.

Betteries will continue building out its product offerings by also developing a larger containerized storage unit – the modular betterStore, which will provide economically highly attractive and reliable 15kWh – 150kWh energy storage for solar, wind or hydro-powered “mini-grids” to bring clean power to remote locations all over the world.

About  betteries AMPS GmbH  

betteries upcycles 2nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and is well positioned to deliver scalable CO2 savings and protect scarce resources. The business model embraces circular economy principles by ensuring recycling at the end of the 2nd life and significantly lowers cost for customers through the battery-as-a-service offering.

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About Mobilize

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group’s target to reach carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop value from the circular economy.

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