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Product update: AC Dock 3000 – Solar Connector

1 September 2023

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betteries is launching a Solar Connector for its AC Dock 3000. The mobile energy system can now be fully charged with self-generated solar power

The solar connector has a DC input to the solar system. It can be connected to various photovoltaic systems, e.g. PV modules mounted on pallets or foldable PV modules. No extra tools are needed to set it up. The waterproof and silent AC Dock 3000 can be connected to the connector afterwards. The solar connector can be ordered separately and directly.

Complete independence during charging

The solar connector creates complete and permanent independence when charging. The AC Dock 3000 is thus completely “green” because it now works without household electricity and can thus supply energy at any time. Thanks to the angle adjustment of the PV panels, optimized performance is also possible at any time of year.

Enough energy for a whole day on the construction site

With three solar panels (400 watts each/see picture), for example, the collected energy (4 kWh) is enough to power a 600-watt LED lamp for almost six hours in summer. It can also power drilling machines and similar tools on the construction sites.

The AC Dock 3000, along with the Solar Connector, can also provide plenty of green energy in other regions of the world, such as Africa. In countries with a lot of sunshine the energy is enough to run a submersible irrigation pump for over four hours, drive a tuk tuk up to 70 km or charge 15 laptops for so-called ICT school labs.

Solar connectors are easy to use by plug and play. With double insulation of cables and conductive surfaces, the solar connector is also safe to use. It is planned that several photovoltaic systems are to be interconnected. This is particularly relevant for the winter months when less solar energy is available.

Energy supply for Ukraine

betteries will also supply the solar connector to Ukraine. As part of the fundraising initiative “Ukraine to Power” with the support of WE AID gGmbH, the Berlin-based impact start-up is providing clean energy solutions to kindergartens, schools, and hospitals. The project aims to operate a decentralized power supply at neuralgic points of critical, civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, affected by the Russian war against the country, as directly and quickly as possible.

betteries AMPS GmbH was founded in 2018 with the goal of fighting climate change and bringing clean energy to people in need. With every fuel-based generator or propulsion system that is replaced, the circular economy is boosted.

For more in-depth technical information, review the technical data sheets here:

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