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Launch of project Helena

As we continue building our Center of Excellence for second-life batteries, cooperation with leading European universities is key. In this spirit, we recently kicked-off the HELENA project, financed by the BMBF (Förderinitiative – Batterie 2020 ( Together with the Electrical Energy Storage Technology research group at the Technical University of Berlin we will develop a comprehensive hybrid physics-based & Machine Learning (ML) Battery Aging Model able to provide insights into the different degradation mechanisms and their interdependencies.  

The Electrical Energy Storage Technology research group at the TU Berlin has long-standing expertise on the characterization and aging measurement of batteries, including electrochemical modelling, impedance spectroscopy and different types of electrical measurements. betteries brings the industrial expertise in the field of second-life batteries as well as the development of Machine Learning algorithms to enable predictive maintenance. The final aim of the project is to enable a safe, reliable and profitable second-life for batteries in line with the principles of circular economy.  

We look forward to working with such a competent team!

Project team members: