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Beyond Generators: Revolutionizing Disaster Relief with Battery Technology

After a disaster, temporary shelters need to be built quickly. It is often difficult to ensure a reliable supply of energy. Discover how battery technology is revolutionizing the disaster relief sector

27 March 2024

The need for reliable energy sources

One of the most critical needs in the wake of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or wildfires is access to reliable energy sources. In this blog post, we delve into how battery technology is revolutionizing the disaster relief sector. Furthermore, we will look at the advantages of replacing traditional fuel-based generators with battery-powered alternatives.

In fact, in recent years, mobile battery-powered energy solutions have emerged as game-changers in disaster relief operations, offering flexibility, sustainability, and efficiency. Whether it is for powering medical equipment and communication devices or providing light and warmth in emergency shelters, energy plays a vital role in the effectiveness of disaster relief efforts.

Why we need battery-powered energy solutions

Despite advances in technology, predicting the unpredictable remains a challenge. Therefore, mobile power solutions that can be quickly deployed to disaster-stricken areas, are essential. Unlike traditional fuel-based generators or grid-dependent systems, which require fuel supply chains and complex infrastructure, mobile battery-powered energy solutions can be transported easily to provide mobile energy where it is needed most.

Disaster relief applications vary, whether used for the mobile charging of drones, temporary shelters, temporary lighting masts, or communication hubs. Therefore, mobile and flexible energy solutions that can be adjusted to tailor the specific energy needs are essential. Battery-powered solutions that dispose of modular designs and smart grid integration offer scalability and resilience against future disasters. 

Traditional generators are usually powered by finite fossil fuel resources, which are expensive in the long term and contribute to air pollution. Replacing them with battery-powered energy solutions, ideally coupled with renewable energy sources like solar or wind, reduces carbon emissions and helps the long-term effects of climate change. 

During emergency operations, the reliability of energy sources can mean the difference between life and death. It is important to act as quickly as possible after a disaster such as an earthquake. Rescuers therefore need reliable and easy-to-use equipment. However, generators are often susceptible to mechanical failures or fuel shortages, making batteries a more reliable and safer alternative. 

Well-known disadvantages of fuel-based generators are their noise pollution and CO2  emissions. In contrast, battery-powered energy solutions operate silently and without any emissions. This makes them suitable also for indoor usage. Furthermore, they create a more conductive environment for emergency responders and affected people. All of the above highlights how battery technology is revolutionizing the disaster relief sector. 

About betteries operating in the Disaster Relief sector

One of the main motivations for founding Berlin-based betteries AMPS GmbH in 2018 was to bring clean and affordable energy to where it is needed most. With this motivation in mind, the betteries team developed a flexible range of fully certified AC + DC power system solutions. Since betteries was founded, the team has sent mobile power solutions to many different countries around the world: Zambia, Ukraine, Belize, Vietnam, the Philippines, Portugal, and Morocco are just a few.

What is special about betteries’ power system solutions is that the battery packs are based on upcycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries. In addition to the huge sustainability advantage, this also means that betteries’ solutions operate noiselessly and emission-free, making them suitable for indoor use, such as within temporary humanitarian emergency shelters. Additionally, the batteries can be used outside in harsh operating environments and tough weather conditions.

betteries’ main product component, the betterPack, is a modular battery solution. This means that the battery packs can be easily combined to adjust the capacity to individual power requirements. Because of these features and many more, betteries is convinced that its battery technology is revolutionizing the disaster relief sector. 

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