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Revolutionizing RoRo Terminals: Solving EV Logistics Challenges with clean Mobile Charging Solutions

30 April 2024

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The need for Mobile Charging Solutions at RoRo terminals

In the dynamic landscape of maritime logistics, RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) terminals serve as crucial hubs facilitating the seamless transfer of vehicles between land and sea transport. However, as the world transitions towards electric mobility, a new challenge has emerged for these terminals: empty batteries of electric vehicles (EV) on RoRo ships or in the car park, impeding  harbor logistics. This new logistical challenge calls for innovative solutions, and that’s precisely where betteries’ mobile EV charging solutions step in to revolutionize logistics.

Picture this: A RoRo ship arrives at the terminal, loaded with electric vehicles to be further transported to their end destination. However, due to prolonged transit or unforeseen delays, some of these vehicles have depleted batteries. As a result, it is a huge challenge to unload them from the ship and move them to the terminal. Consequently, EVs become obstacles, hindering the seamless24/7  flow of operations at the terminal as the existing charging infrastructure does not fulfill the demands of this new scenario. This is where betteries’ mobile EV charging products becomes the perfect fit-for-purpose solution.

betteries' mobile EV charging solution

At betteries, we have developed a portfolio of mobile EV charging solutions to provide the required flexibility and efficiency on-site, exactly where the power demand arises. We empower operators to address the challenge of empty EV batteries swiftly:

Customers can choose between our mobile DC fast charging or mobile AC charging solution. For the DC fast charging, the movable DC charger, offering up to 22 kW, is connected to betteries’ AC Dock 15000 via a standard 32 A CEE socket. The AC Dock 15000 is powered by swappable and stackable betterPacks. Customers can tailor their system by connecting between eight (18.4 kWh) or twelve betterPacks (27,6 kWh capacity), depending on their specific capacity requirements. Both solutions can be mounted on a LDT or trailer for easy transport to where the energy is needed. Alternatively, customers can also opt for our mobile trolley, providing them with 230 VAC and 6.9 kWh capacity.

Empowering Terminals: Mobile EV Charging Revolutionizes RoRo Logistics

In conclusion, the logistical challenges posed by empty EV batteries on RoRo ships are not insurmountable obstacles; they are opportunities for innovation and progress. betteries’ mobile EV charging solutions offer a transformative approach to addressing these challenges head-on, ensuring that RoRo terminals can embrace the electrified future of transportation with confidence and efficiency. Together, let’s power up the future of maritime logistics, one charge at a time.

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