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betteries new SUNRISE 2000 kit – Pioneer Edition

At betteries, we really care about our customers and the environment. So, when customers told us it would be great to find a solution to directly use our sustainable 48 V battery packs – the betterPacks, to power their DC appliances like professional large LED lights, we more than gladly listened and got to work.

That’s why we launched the DC Dock 2000 – a powerful and highly efficient DC-DC converter for our mobile, modular, and connected betterPacks. However, what we did not tell you yet is that there is even more.

The SUNRISE 2000 kit – Pioneer Edition

To make it for our customers as easy as possible, we are offering an entire product bundle – the SUNRISE 2000 kit as a limited Pioneer Edition. This kit has all you need to kick start your work. The bundle consists of:

  • 2 x betterPack 2000 (multi)
  • 1 x DC Dock 2000 (the DC-DC converter)
  • 1 x Charge 1200 (our powerful 48 V DC fast charger, to recharge the betterPacks via the DC Dock 2000 or via the Connect 48 (smart connector)
  • 1 x Connect 48 (our smart connector to directly connect the betterPacks to the 48V charger or other appliances)
  • 1 x retractable hand truck
  • 1 x Connectivity package (with free WiFi and worldwide GSM Sim card & stick for a reduced price for the first 24 months)

This modular kit gives you lots of flexibility: With 2 betterPacks multi, you can either use one to power your LED panels with the DC Dock 2000, whilst you separately charge the other one with your external fast charger – the Charge 1200.

Alternatively, you can also charge and discharge at the same time directly through the DC Dock 2000 by connecting your 24 V / 48 V DC-appliances and the external charger to it. Charging time for a single empty betterPack will be below 2 hours.

In addition, customers using the kit, enjoy all the already well-known benefits of betteries sustainable products, i.e., betterPacks are upcycled from batteries from electric vehicles and thanks to their modular design can be stacked to adjust capacity as needed. In addition, all devices are connected to the betteries platform via GSM or WiFi and you can control you kit with the betteries App. With the betterPacks being made of upcycled batteries from electric vehicles and manufactured in France, you reduce CO2 emissions and support the circular economy.   

Sounds interesting? Then, get one of our limited Pioneer Editions NOW. Email us at

The SUNRISE 2000 kit as a limited Pioneer Edition will only be available this summer at a very special price and you don’t have to wait for the start of serial production in autumn.

About betteries 

betteries upcycles 2nd life electric vehicle (EV) batteries to accelerate the transition to renewables and is well positioned to deliver scalable CO2 savings and protect scarce battery resources. By giving the EV battery a 2nd productive life, the CO2 footprint of an electric vehicle can be reduced by more than 30% over its life cycle, as the “already spent” CO2 emissions for the battery manufacturing can be shared over a much longer battery life.

In addition, this also reduces mineral extraction thereby preventing the further depletion of the Earth’s minerals and avoiding energy- and emission-intensive material processing. 

The team fully embraces the principles of a circular economy: reduce – reuse – repair – recycle.  For this, it developed a battery design that can easily be repaired and dismantled at the end of its productive life, such that valuable components and materials can be separated and either reused or recycled.

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